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【Small Satellite】RF/Electrical Engineer

Electrical Engg | Automotive, Manufacturing | Space

Location Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka-ken
Company A Japanese venture designing and developing commercial small SAR satellites and providing data acquired by them

Year of foundation: 2005
Capital: JPY 3 billion
Workforce: 20+
Job Description As a member of the satellite hardware development team, you will be in charge of designing, analyzing, and evaluating the RF system and power supply system of the mass-produced model of a small SAR satellite with a resolution of 1 m.

[ Technical duties ]
Actual design, analysis, and evaluation of RF and electrical components for satellite
- Component system design, device selection
- Circuit / AW design verification / adjustment
- Construction and analysis of circuit simulation model
- Planning, implementation and evaluation of environmental tests (temperature, vacuum, EMC, etc.) of actual machines
- Evaluation of actual equipment using various measuring equipment (oscilloscope, logic analyzer, spectrum analyzer, network analyzer, etc.)
- Outsourcing management
Requirement [ Must ]
- Development of electrical design elements or systems in the field of consumer mass-produced products with RF modules such as smartphones, cars, in-vehicle devices, domestic robots, and artificial satellites.
Have at least 5 to 10 years of practical experience in system development (years should be considered in combination with ability and experience)
- For designing, analyzing, and evaluating circuits, AWs, and electrical systems for consumer electronic boards with elements such as high-frequency radio (several GHz or higher) and high-speed transmission (several Gbps or higher).
- Familiarity with the evaluation of RF systems using RF measuring equipment such as spectrum analyzers and network analyzers.

[ Preferred ]
- Design, analysis and evaluation experience of several kW class power supply systems with solar cells and secondary batteries
- Artificial satellite hardware component design experience
- Radar equipment design experience
English Level Ability to carry technical conversations with international team
Japanese Level Business level to communicate with external vendors and internal teams
Employment Type Permanent

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