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【Water Engine】Firmware Engineer【Embedded】

Embedded Software | Electrical Engg | Space

Location Kashiwa-shi, Chiba-ken
Company A Japanese startup developing propulsion system (water engine) for microsatellites.

Their propulsion system is mainly used for attitude control / orbit change of satellites.
Increase of its usage is considered as certain because of trends such as avoidance / deterrence of debris, ease of orbit injection.

Year of foundation: 2020
Workforces: approx. 30
Capital: 100 million yen
Job Description Responsibility:
- Design and implementation of actuator's real-time control (sequence control and close-loop control) in C on microcontroller (32 / 16/ 8 bit)
- Design and implementation of UART (RS422), I2C, SPI communication
- Building testing environment on PC (Visual C# etc.)

- You can put yourself in cutting-edge development of electrical propulsion system, which is receiving attention these years
- You will take part in various phases of satellite's propulsion system, from concept design, to manufacturing, to testing, to operation in the space
- Work will not only include coding, but also development closely tied with hardware where you verify software using actual propulsion machine
- You will have an opportunity to resolve mechanical / electrical constraints that comes with miniaturization by the power of software
Requirement Must have:
- Experience of microcontroller development and evaluation in C
- Knowledge and experience about software implementation that supports communication methods e.g. UART (RS422), I2C, SPI
- General knowledge and development experience in sequence control, close-loop control
- Experience using SaaS

Nice to have:
- Experience developing on PIC microcontroller
- Experience developing driver for microcontroller
- Experience using JTAG
- Experience using Git
- Experience related to development and design of electric / electronic circuit
- Experience developing evaluation program including PC GUI

Soft skills:
- Principle-based thinking
- Continuous effort to verbalize the idea
- Perseverance in tough situation
- Proactive planning and commitment to execution
- Ability to discuss based on fact and logic free from prejudice
English Level Either English or Japanese at business level
Japanese Level Either English or Japanese at business level
Conversational or higher Japanese level preferred
Employment Type Permanent

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