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【Rough Terrain Robot】Electrical Engineer

Mobile Robot, Drone, Autonomous Car | Electrical Engg

Location Katsushika-ku, Tokyo
Company Founded by CEO who is an engineer.
The company specialize in rough terrain, selling module products usable for non-engineers such as crawler unit and wheelbarrow electrification kit, as well as co-developing various solutions / services related to rough terrain mobility.

Year of foundation: 2016
Cumulative funding: 130 million yen
Workforces: 23 (14 on full time)
Job Description Circuit design of company’s own robot

• Great discretion in a growing startup environment
• You will be a core member of the organization and gain experience in growth phase
• You will enjoy developing robot that reflects the design concept of the developer

Development tools:
KiCAD, arduino, various measuring instruments
Requirement MUST HAVE:
• Development experience with voltages such as 3.3V, 5V (micro-controller), and 12-36V (drive
• Knowledge about sensor handling (noise, config etc.)
• Ability to design PCB on PCB CAD freeware and order to manufacturers
• Ability to check operation with tester and oscilloscope
• Ability to design digital circuit for micro-controller (pull-up, open drain etc.)
• Ability to design analog circuit for micro-controller (variable resistance, analog output sensor
• Ability to make prototype on universal board
• Ability to debug circuit
• Ability to select and purchase parts at electronic parts shops
• Ability to investigate unknown terminology and make decision for execution

• Experience in mechanical development
• Experience leading a team in Robocon or other contest
• Ability to use motor driver
• Experience working on stronger driving system (24-60V)
• Experience in control programming
• Capability to analyze telecommunication and fit implementation to its format

! Those who can handle customer relationship, and/or have experience from design to mass production phase regardless of product domain will be highly welcomed.
English Level N.A.
Japanese Level Business level (N2 or equivalent)
Employment Type Permanent

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